Leonard Cohen – The Partisan (Brussels, 30th June 2013)

On the 30th of June 2013 Leonard Cohen played ‘The Partisan’ in Vorst Nationaal, Brussels.

This moment was caught on camera by four youtubers: Albertnoonan, Wirebirds, MadLennyFan and Gianluca Epirotti (Many thanks go to them). I thought the video of MadLennyFan was wonderful, because it’s filmed so close, it’s only a pity that he didn’t get the whole song. So I decided to make a music video using the images the others shot too and this is the result.

For best results put it in HD. I hope you enjoy!

source videos can be found here:


Third time lucky, even for Leonard Cohen

March 30, 2013

The Louisville Palace
Louisville, Kentucky

After a beautiful show so far, Leonard Cohen starts ‘Closing time’, but right after starting the song he gets the lyrics wrong. He stops the song and tells the audience:

I screwed up the words and I’d like to start again

He starts again but makes the exact same fault. Once again he stops the music saying:

Please forgive me friends, but some things have to be done right

With a little help from the audience he manages to get it right the third time.

You can listen to the recording at the  bottom of this post.

(bootleg made by Ironchef)